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Post-It Note Drawing


Title: Post-It Note Drawing


In the 1990s, I became fascinated with the idea of disposable art, “low-brow” art, an idea of art made accessible in everyday life, interchangeable, and only relative to whatever was assigned to it. At some point, I worked a telemarketing job, yet wanted to be creatively productive at the same time, so these Post-it Note drawings were the perfect medium to experiment with. When the Internet began, a group of friends and I started a website called It was intended as a curated space for art, music, and other ideas we found interesting. We uploaded the images, and almost immediately they began to generate interest from others on the web. A magazine from Minneapolis, MN (The Rake) even commissioned several images for an article commemorating the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Post-it Note, and they were published in April 2005.

Materials and Techniques: Pen on Post-it Note Paper

Style: Modern Art

Measurements: 3" x 3"

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