Mid Century Allan Jamisen 0 5x

Mid Century Study


Title: Mid Century Study


This is a commissioned painting sold to a private collector. The collector was in the middle of renovating a mid century home in Phoenix when we met up to discuss his goals. The property was empty and under construction, there was no framing or drywall installed yet, no walls of any type visible. We talked about the materials he was using in the renovation, some beautiful old wood he was repurposing, some ideas and main color preferences to compliment the mid century theme involved. I researched colors that were common in mid century art, and some graphic art styles of that time period, then created two canvases that are intended to be exhibited together side by side. They're a variation of ideas that I've been exploring for a while; objects and shapes "falling apart." This is one of the two canvasses (intended to be seen on the left side).

Materials and Techniques: Acrylic on Canvas

Measurements: 30" x 24"

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